Rajeev - Yoga Exponent & Researcher

Life5e was my long wish to create a platoform where I share all my knowledge, secrets, and the last 10 years of experience as a Yoga Researcher & Therapist to provide the info related to yoga aspects, sessions on different modules, and my very own therapy for disease and disability to help people with medical conditions and life issues.

"Life5e" is for Life's 5 Elements which are Earth(Prithvi), Water(Jal), Air(Vayu), Fire(Agni), and Ether(Aakash). According to yoga, the basic building blocks of every living and non-living thing are these five elements also called Panch Bhutas (in Hindi). Every aspect of life happens according tp the pattern of these 5 elements.

Here at Life5e, I'll be sharing all my knowing tips, video sessions, interviews, and articles on this breakthrough technology of 5 element diagnosis and various therapies related to health and life which I believe will enormously benefit everyone.