Krishanu Ghosh, Entrepreneur (Dwarka, New Delhi)

It's absolutely amazing to get to know the root cause of my kidney stone and fatty liver. If I would have got this earlier, I could have avoided the operation.

Vivek Sethi, Entrepreneur (East of Kailash, New Delhi)

Unbelieveable! How can answering few questions tell the deepest secrets with such precision. I hope I would have got this earlier; my life would be different.

Devender Sharma, Project Director (Yangon, Myanmar)

I couldn't believe when the diagnosis told me about the obstacles I would face as I start any project. It has been happening to me in my life. The therapy was also perfect as I got relief in just three days.

Dr. Preeti, Medical Practitioner (Bangalore)

I always wondered about the varisity of problems I was facing and this diagnosis told me the root cause with unbelievable precision and reasoning. I am sure now I will be out of it.

Sandeep Jhunjhunwala, Construction  (Maharani Bagh, New Delhi)

I was a little shocked when the diagnosis was done on me. The predictions were right and then I opted for the therapy and found it very effective. I think this is how it should be done.

Note: - The Diagnosis is kept unavailable to anybody except the concerned person.